The Association

Raumgeschichten e.V., a young association founded at the beginning of 2015, engages in projects concerning humanitary urbanism and social architecture.
Raumgeschichten e.V. is registered in Frankfurt am Main – Germany and recognised as non-profit organization.
It aims to reduce the gap between universities, professional associations and those working in the field of architecture. It focuses mainly on the topics of global architecture and sustainability and is predominantly involved in social projects in the non-profit sector. The members of Raumgeschichten are all volunteers, hoping that their contributions are making the world more human – architecture that is ecologically and socially just, and yet retains an aesthetic standard.

The Meaning Behind Our Name

Raumgeschichten is a word composed from the two German words “Raum” and “Geschichten”. Raum can be translated as space and Geschichten means either stories or histories. Combining these two words can then have several meanings and interpretations. This ambiguity is a central characteristic of this neologism.
On the one hand, Raumgeschichten has the meaning of stories about space; describing them, analysing them, trying to understand different spaces. On the other hand, Raumgeschichten is about spaces that tell us stories; strong architecture that causes emotions and embodies messages. Furthermore, Raumgeschichten is about space as history maker; space as a catalyst that brings stories into being, architecture that affects people’s lives. Beyond that, the term Raumgeschichten touches subjects as intricate, performative spaces, strong architectural gestures and the social relevance of space.
These core themes are central to the topics Raumgeschichten e.V. examines.

The Team

The team consists of a number of active members who develop and run projects under the umbrella of Raumgeschichten e.V.

. Elena Cuntz
. Daniela Heß
. Viktor Heß
. Kalieb Johanes
. Markus Kaltenbach
. Ingrid Lenz
. Anna Noack
. Miriam Rabmund
. Matthias Schäfges
. Jonas Wachinger
. Christoph Zacher

Former team members:

. Nutan Jäger
. Tabea Kaltenbach
. Marie Kamlah
. Sabine Tastel

The Board

The board is comprised of three persons who are elected for a two year period from the general assembly.
 Currently the board consists of:

. Markus Kaltenbach – Chairman
. Elena Cuntz
. Miriam Rabmund

The Articles of Association

Our field of activities and our goals are determined in the articles of association (German language):

. Raumgeschichten_Vereinssatzung

Our Partners

. Betterplace
. Internationaler Bauorden – IBO
. Karlsruhe Institut of Technology – Urban Design and Housing
. Nka Foundation
. Transsolar
. VolunteerMatch
. World Bank Group – Connect4Climate Campaign


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