Christoph Zacher completed a three years program to become a certified physical trainer at Bode Schule in Munich, Germany. Whilst working as a freelance sports teacher, he subsequently began a major in Psychology (B.Sc.) at Ulm University in 2011. Christoph graduated with a masters degree in Psychology (M.Sc.) at Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg, Germany in 2016. During his studies, he specialized on human cognition and behaviour in profit- and non-profit organizations. In his masters thesis Christoph examined civil society group members’ justice perceptions and change-supporting behaviour within their communal and political system concerning Agenda 21 activities. He presented his results at a congress organized by the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology in Athens, Greece. In 2017 Christoph started to work for VORSPRUNGatwork GmbH. Here, he helps empower organizations to become continuously learning and transforming entities by unfolding their employees‘ potentials and co-creating new forms of collaboration. His passion for the interaction between humans and their environment motivates him to engage in Raumgeschichten e.V.

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